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The Times is one of the biggest newspapers in the world and the British national daily newspaper. Norway?s Aftenposten is about a quarter of the size of this monstrosity. First published in 1785 it quickly grew into the largest newspaper in Brittan. It covers both domestic and international news, and has its own magazine and a sister paper. It is known for supporting the conservative party and openly taking sides in various cases. Internationally many other papers have borrowed its name, The New York Times, The Seattle Times and The Canberra Times are all papers that have borrowed the name. There are hundreds of employees working round the clock for the times; columnists, freelance journalists, researchers and editors.

Although the Times is the dominant news informant in paper form, on the screen BBC News is clearly the most influential. Since it is so available to the whole world BBC has a bigger role in the international media flow then The Times does. BBC has a huge reach, and many subdivisions that cover a range of different subjects. For example BBC Click, who made a report on our English class some weeks ago, make weekly episodes covering news and recent developments in the world of consumer technology. They have an audience of 80 million viewers weekly, in many different countries. This program in particular has so much important information, and makes reports from all over the world. This is an example of how English language media is incorporated in the international society.

Whilst on the subject of English media in the world, one must mention all the reporters and journalists braving dangerous war zones to bring back the latest news. If you turn on any TV in any hotel in the world the first channel to pop up will be BBC World or CNN or any other international news channel. They will be showing reporters walking through rubble or interviewing a local. The world?s population crave information and the news that people want is the bad news. ?No news is good news? is a popular saying, all the media channels report these days is bad news of death and war and shooting episodes. A day with not much news must have been a good day.

In conclusion, media is very important for the people, in general they have a need to know. English media very influential in the sense that it has such a wide reach, and also with the diversity of the information they publish. It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.






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