Water crisis of epic proportions

Although I have written about a number of global challenges here on this blog, I have not covered one of the fastest growing challenges our and future generations must face, water. A rapidly growing population and an even more rapidly decreasing freshwater supply naturally presents a gigantic global challenge. The documentary "Last Call to the Oasis" brings the problem to the table in a rather dramatic and depressing way. After watching the film I might rethink how much water I use when showering or how much I use when watering the plants. The film doesn't only illustrate the water crisis we are in due to natural causes like draught, but also the dangers of chemical poisoning of ground water from factory waste.

This is a growing issue in the U.S., but luckily there are people like Erin Brockovich who are working against the big companies who she claims doesn't care about the people. I wrote a blog post about Erin further down after having watched the film made about her. (Link to the post here: http://leahsinternationalenglish.blogg.no/1377612569_erin_brockvich.html ) The chemical poisoning of the water doesn't only come from the factories being irresponsible with the waste, but also from anti-weed chemicals sprayed on the fields. The chemicals enter the ground water and can contribute to diseases. This is especially bad because since many of the rivers and lakes in America are drying up, so people have to exploit the ground water in a larger degree. The ground water is being used up in a matter of decades, although it has been accumulating there for thousands of years.

Luckily for us water is a natural renewable source, but on one condition; we must not use so much that it exceeds its capacity to renew itself. This is what we are in danger of doing, especially in America. The epicenter of the water challenge is California, and the city of Las Vegas alone uses 3 % of the country's water supplies, and considering under 1 % of the earth's water is drinkable the water in America truly is in danger.

Not only are human lives dependent on the fresh water, but many species will die out if the polluting of water doesn't stop. People started pollution, people can stop it. Even if a small insignificant breed of fish dies out in one part of a country, that won't make a gigantic impact on the food chain; it only symbolizes an ecosystem that is collapsing. The water challenge the world faces must be sorted out before we are at a point where nothing can be done.

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