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So, in our English class we have been given the most impossible task; choose a topic that interests you and write an in-depth project. What makes this task so difficult is the fact that we have to choose the topic ourselves! There are so many things to write about, so I ended up just pulling a topic out of a hat. No, I didn't really do that, but it was close. I was going backwards and forwards between different subjects that I find interesting, from the history of physics to Thor Heyerdahl and Kon Tiki.

Finally I landed on the Aztec People. Quite random, I know, but history has always interested me, and as we won't be covering this subject in history class this year, I thought it might be interesting to find out more. Since there is so much to cover when writing about a whole civilization, I have decided to pull out the most important points about the Aztecs. They include the culture, social structure, religion, art and archaeological findings today. My thesis question for this project will be: "Who were the Aztecs and what impact have they had on our society??. I will try to answer this in my project, but I will also include other aspects of their culture to make it as interesting and informative as possible.

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06.03.2014 kl.22:05

this sounds interesting. i dont believe that i have learned about them before. but i have heard of them. i believe if you find the right information then your project will be great. One tip dont be to long, becuase if you want poeple to like your paper, they only want to know all of it but not in a long desription becuase it gets bording after a while. but other then that i believe your paper will be amazing and you will do great.

Ann S. Michaelsen

07.03.2014 kl.12:28

Good advice from Jacob, not too long to keep interest! But it is an interesting topic and you need to really dig in and explain this to be able to answer your thesis questions. Look forward to reading it! Good choice!


07.03.2014 kl.12:41

JACOB: The main reason I chose this topic is because i don't know much about them aswell, so i'll learn something from this as well. great tip, i think i have a tendency to wirte slightly long texts, so i'll definetly think about keeping it to the point :)


10.03.2014 kl.14:46

This is fascinating because I also like the Aztec people and I've always wanted to know more about them but I never really had the chance to do some of my own research on them. I hope you find interesting things about them and enjoy the project!


10.03.2014 kl.14:54

Good job :) , I like your post alot because , it explains why we need to solve the problem of our water being destroyed by chemicals. I also think its a shame how only 1% of the Earths water is drinkable , when Earth is mainly covered up with water. We should definately encourage others to acknowledge this problem and try and help out . What do you think ?


10.03.2014 kl.16:34

Nice job Leah, You really proved your point talking about Earth and how it is mainly covered with water. Well anyways i think this is a great post Leah.

10.03.2014 kl.17:02

Hey Leah i really like your topic, i remember learnning about them in 6th grade and doing a huge project on them. It was actually pretty fun. What is the Aztecs cultrue?


10.03.2014 kl.18:59

I think the Aztecs are a very interesting topic, I never really learned much about them

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