Today in class we watched the film Invictus. It?s a documentary-drama about Nelson Mandela first year of presidency in South-Africa. Morgan Freeman portrays him in a way that makes Nelson seem like a very likeable character, something he was in real life as well, he was also a good speaker and a very forgiving man considering his circumstances.

The film also follows the nations rugby team; the Springboks. In the start the team represents apartheid for the black population, so naturally they cheered for anyone opposing them. They represented everything they hated about the old government, so naturally they wanted them gone. The newly elected President prevented this, and instead turned them into a national symbol instead. This helps bring the white and black population together in a discreet way. Even though the country has a new black president they still struggled with racism from the whites. There was also the problem of the blacks not forgiving those who had oppressed them for so many years. This was clearly a problem that could not be fixed overnight.

Nelson Mandela really wanted to bring the country together, to make the whites and blacks cooperate and work together. He starts this on a small scale when he gets his black security team to work with white reinforcements. This teaches them how to work together despite their differences and issues with each other. There are also cultural differences to take into account. To take an example from the film, every morning Mr Mandela askes his escort about his family, the escort answers, but never asked the president about his. One day after Nelson asked the (white) escort about his family, he makes the mistake of asking Nelson about his. This is something you apparently just don?t do, because Nelson is so much away from his family and misses them dearly.

Despite the problems the country has accepting its new government the communication and structure gets back on track pretty fast thanks to Nelson. He is truly a remarkable man, capable of gathering a divided country in such short time.

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Ann S. Michaelsen

28.10.2013 kl.12:14

Yes he is an impressive leader of South Africa and even if he is not the president anymore he is still loved and respected. Informative article about the importance of uniting the country using the rugby team as a symbol!


10.03.2014 kl.14:53

I watched this movie too in Mr.Jakob's class! I really liked this movie because it did a good job capturing the history of Nelson Mandela and apartied. Nelson really inspired me because he made me relize I should stand up for what I believe is right. You did a really good job summerizing the movie and the history. Good work!


10.03.2014 kl.18:43

We also watched this movie! it was very interesting on how the people treated Nelson Mandela.


12.03.2014 kl.20:54

We watched this movie during class as well. I saw it as a very eye opening movie and very informing. How did you like it?


12.03.2014 kl.21:06

We watched this movie during class and I saw it as a very eye opening movie. How did you like this movie?

Taylor S

14.03.2014 kl.18:56

Hey Leah I'm Taylor! We watched the movie invictus too. I really liked it did you? By the way can you tell me about Norway alittle like the weather there and how your classes take place?


18.03.2014 kl.12:16

Taylor S: Hi! I loved the film, especially the quote: I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. It's spring time here in Norway, the snow's just melting and the weather is getting warmer. In the lessons we mostly take notes on the PC while the teachers have a sort of persnetation.


18.03.2014 kl.12:18

goedert.m7: I really liked this movie, it was really eye opening as you say, makes one realize how the situation has been in South Africa.

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