Peace One Day, Jeremy Gilley

Today we had the pleasure of skyping with Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day. Peace One Day is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 with the goal to make a fixed date on the calendar completely devoted to peace. No country should wage war, and there should be a ceasefire throughout the world on that day. Jeremy?s request came through and the 21st of September is the official Peace Day.

My impression of Jeremy was that he is an idealistic man with clear, and not to mention achievable goals. Asking for a single day in a year dedicated to non-violence doesn?t seem like too much to ask, and when you look at all the positive consequences there should be no reason at all for it not to be a success.

And what a sucsess it was. In 2012 over 280 million people were aware of the day, that?s 4% of the world?s population. It was estimated that over half of these behaved more peacefully on this day. Their ultimate goals for Peace Day is for fewer children to be bullied, less domestic violence and les guns fired. They also wish for the largest reductuon in global violnce, as well as the largest gathering of people in the name of peace in the world.

Since Jeremy is a filmmaker, he decided to make a documentary on how and why 21st of September is a day of ceasefire and non-violence. There he was able to show direct consequences of the actions. For example 1 million children were able to be vaccinated on that day because health personnel were able to access areas they hadn?t before.

Jeremy is a very good speaker and has many great ideas and ways to execute them. He was very engaging, even over Skype and he was very passionate about the subject of peace. He says that peace pays more than wars, for the prosperity and wealth of people. Cynicism kills, once you lose faith in peace and start believing something like Peace Day will never work, the cause is already lost. That?s why Jeremy loves speaking to young people and children, because they have not yet become cynics, and can give peace day a chance.

Jeremy Gilley skyping with our class.

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Brody Leather

14.10.2013 kl.15:21

Mr Jermey Gilley seems to be set on this idea and I hope that one day it comes to pass that we do have a population where every one is more peaceful on a day. That wars are stopped even if it's for the briefest of times.

All for it. Peace Day!!!

Ann S. Michaelsen

14.10.2013 kl.15:36

I agree with Brody! Lets hope we get a peaceful day each year. Will be exciting to see what happens in Norway on the 21st of September next year! Great article!


15.10.2013 kl.10:21

Yes, I really hope they make it happen happen every year, and that more and more people become aware each year!

Erin C.

16.10.2013 kl.17:35

This is very interesting! I believe that there should be peace everywhere. I hope that something like September 11, 2001 ( The day that the Al Qaeda terrorist group attacked the towers of the World Trade Center in New York, U.S., and the pentagon (a government building) in Washington, U.S.) will never happen again, anywhere. I hope this mission does something for the United States too!

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