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Out from the name of the website one can guess what the content will be. Thinkb4u, think before you, makes it obvious the website will help you think before you do things on the internet, such as sharing personal information, buying online or chatting. The setup of the website is very clear, special care has been taken to present the material in a simple and straightforward way.

The age group the website deals with is anything from children (with help from their parents) to teenagers/young adults. The themes it highlights and discusses are important for both young and older people. Also it presents the topic in a fun and interactive way, which makes it more interesting and appealing to read and learn about important subjects such as internet security.

As a first time user of the website it may seem a bit confusing in the beginning, and although it is very well laid out, one may not grasp the purpose before you have watched the first few videos. The videos show short sketches of everyday life situations that could happen to anyone, a device which can help make us aware of the consequences of our actions.

All in all the website is a fun, clever, interactive way to educate young people about safety on the internet.

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Ann S. Michaelsen

20.09.2013 kl.12:15

Glad you liked it. Seems like a good place to learn about the does and don'ts


07.10.2013 kl.19:28

that's cool! it sounds like they are trying to be a lot safer on the internet.

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