Espen Barth Eide- a visit from the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs came to visit our school, Sandvika. Two hundred students and teachers gathered in the gymnasium to hear what he had to say. He spoke about many different subjects concerning foreign affairs, all of which were very interesting. A subject he really elaborated on was the conflict in Syria. At the end of the lecture there were many questions regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria, as well as his personal opinion on the conflict. He was a good speaker and engaged his audience, making it easier for you as a listener to approach the situation. He was well opinionated, but you could see clear ties to his labour party background, and to his post as Minister of Defence.

Espen specifically emphasized the importance of foreign politics, and how it affects us in the long run. Politics on a domestic level are not nearly as decisive for our place in the international society as foreign politics. A relevant point of view presented by Espen Barth Eide, was the alleged fact that; foreign politics lay the premises and foundation for domestic politics. Without strong relations and alliances between Norway and the world around us, we would in no way be able to uphold and improve our already prosperous living, economy and democracy. According to Espen Barth Eide; a change in government would mean less foreign politics overall. Is this what Norway needs?

Espen Barth Eide at Sandvika:

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09.09.2013 kl.14:04

I guess we will find out soon enough! Love your picture. It was a fun lecture to attend. Looks like you learned a lot from it as well.


16.09.2013 kl.11:09

Very well spoken and impressive when involving the audience.

Brody Leather

26.09.2013 kl.11:05

Sounds like a very interesting person. I hope the conflict in Syria is resolved fast.


04.10.2013 kl.15:56

hows it going. just read your blog and it sounds like the minister is a very powerful speaker. i just read about the war in syria and it sounds horrible. i really have not had the time to really look in to that. One question, does the war of syria affect you or your daily events. i live pretty faraway from the war so it doesnt affect me all that much


04.10.2013 kl.15:57

I like this post because you gave a lot of information. How do you feel about the conflict in Syria? Were you excited to see the Minister speek at your school? What do you think about politics? How do you think we could make the economy more better and united? Visit my blog at:


05.10.2013 kl.23:26

I find it absolutly shocking and disturbing to hear that the use of chemical weapons. I wish I had a betteer understanding of what exactly is happening. I have my background knowlege but I'm still curious as to whats happening.


09.10.2013 kl.20:07

this was a really good article but i was womdering do you think this conflict is going to end one day? and also did you knew something about this before the minister came?


13.10.2013 kl.22:30

I think yourpost was very well spoken. Before this visit from him did you know anything about syria?


13.10.2013 kl.22:32

I really liked how you explained everything. Did you know anything about Syria beore this?


13.10.2013 kl.22:34

I really liked how you explained everything. Did you know anything about Syria before this?


15.10.2013 kl.10:36

jacobd2: Hi! To answear your question, no the war does not affect me where I live, as I too live very far away.


15.10.2013 kl.10:42

blakep2: The conflict in Syria is obviously very serious buisness and has affected many people and their families. Having the minister speak to us about it was a fantasitc way to engage us who may not be that interested in politics. In truth I am not that interested in politics, but I find it important to stay updated. I hope that answeard your questions! :)


15.10.2013 kl.14:30

mateo: Hi! To answear your question, yes I think the war will end eventually, as all wars do. There is no point carrying on with a war when the cause is lost. I must honestly say I did not know much about the subject before the minister came, but he really made me reflect on the situation. Hope this answers your questions! :)


15.10.2013 kl.14:42

Shantal: I must admidt i didn't know much about the situation in Syria before this, but having our foreign minister visit us made me start thinking and reflecting about it. There are terrible thinngs happening in the world at this very moment and there are people working towards makeing it better every moment.


17.10.2013 kl.02:45

You did a really good job in explaing everything, and this is a conflict thats been going on for quite a while. Do you believe in the use in nuclear weapons? I alo heard that the United States wanted to get involved, MAybe that could help out this conflict, DO you believe we should get involved and what is your opinion on useing ssuch powerful weapons?

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