If you could only see the beauty that comes from the ahes

We watched the short film ?The Butterfly Circus? in our lesson today. In short; the film is about a severely disabled man, who has no limbs named Will. He is in a carnival sideshow, on display like an animal. One day a circus director comes by and Will escapes with him. He then meets other circus artists, who have also had troubled backgrounds and been ?rescued? (for lack of better word) by the kind Director.

?The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph?. This quote is brilliant because it really captures the essence of the film. The message it sends is simple: the more difficulty and struggle you go through before achieving your goal, the better it will feel to finally get there. This applies to many of the characters we meet, ?the world?s strongest man? having been in lots of fights for example.

Something that could also reflect the meaning of the film is the Butterfly, or the caterpillar as it was in the start. A little boy (son of one of the performers) keeps a caterpillar in a jar. At the end of the film it breaks out of its cocoon and becomes a beautiful monarch butterfly. This in a way represents Wills emotional journey, going from feeling worthless, ugly, like nobody cares and generally unwanted to being a part of this great circus full of positive and caring people. In the end he really came out of his shell he?d been pushed into and bloomed.

The film was really inspirational whitch i think was the purpose. Hope was also an important theme, and giving hope to those who may have none, something i find very touching.

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26.08.2013 kl.13:48

I agree with you about the topic of the movie. And it applies to all the characters, not only Will. I'm glad you liked it!


04.10.2013 kl.23:55

Hello! My name is Elise. Thank you very much for posting this because it helps me understand what it is like being a teenage girl in Norway. However, I have a couple questions for you. What is your life like at home? Do you have any brothers, sisters or pets? You sound like a very fun, interesting, and thankful girl. My favorite part of your post is your comment on being young. It is a great way to start your blog. I hope your years at Sandvika High School will be amazing! Keep up the great work and please respond to my questions so I can understand what it is like to be a girl in Norway. Goodbye!

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